Galvanizing line

Pickling line


ENSILECTRIC has enough experience to support the Client in the accomplishment of metallurgical projects around the world.

We offer solutions to satisfy every customer's need, in the automation field and in the supply of electrical and control equipments, not only for new installations but to upgrade the existing ones as well


Electric Equipments: Engineering and/or supply of transformers, medium voltage cabinets, Voltage Distribution cabinets, engines, Motor control centers, Variable speed drives.

Automation Equipments: Engineering and/or supply of (PLCs), robots, instrumentation y peripherals.

Control and Supervision Equipment: Engineering and/or supply of local control panels and control desks, HMI Systems or SCADA.

Communication, network and system integration: field buses (INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, etc.), ETHERNET and LAN networks.

Software: Programming of basic functions (drives, sensors and actuators), technological advanced functions, HMI or SCADA and the so called Level 2 of advanced control, quality and follow-up material control.

Commisioning: The commisioning of all the systems mentioned above always on time.

Electric and Automation Solutions for all the siderurgic applications

* Pickling, Annealing, Galvanizing, Tinning and Painting Lines

* Continuos caster of slabs and billets

* Blast Furnace and BOF

* Rolling plate mills, bar and wire-rod mill

* EAF and inducto term furnaces

* Hot Rolling mill

* Cutting lines

* Auxiliary equipment, cranes and dedusting plant